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Cuentas casa

Cuentas Casa uses a revolutionary building technology and materials for the first affordable housing project in the USA using its MCFR system. Learn more.

cuentas mobile

Cuentas Mobile provide a wireless services (voice, text, & data) nation wide with excellent rates. Learn more.

cuentas Financial App

Cuentas App that manages all your financial services. Learn more.


Easy To Add Money

Load funds with direct deposit or Vanilla reload locations nationwide.


No credit history or background check to apply.

No Fee Direct Deposit

Automatically load your pay check or government benefits check.

Send money

Easily transfer money between Cuentas card holders at no cost.

Flexible & Convenient

Use your Cuentas card for purchases wherever debit Mastercard® is accepted.


Your Cuentas prepaid Mastercard® funds are FDIC insured.


Control your accounts from your phone

Download Cuentas APP Today

From the CUENTAS App installed on your phone you can control every payment made with your card, in addition to controlling your deposits and the money you send to your family and friends.

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Now you can buy in-store and online

Get Cuentas Card Today

With your CUENTAS card you can buy what you want, when you want – in stores and online. You can verify the detail of each payment in the Cuentas App installed on your phone.

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Download the CUENTAS App

Get the App on your phone and request the card today.


Send money directly to your family

family members apply for their own card

Now you will be closer to your family and loved ones by having them apply for their own Cuentas Prepaid Mastercard® so you can send money directly to them from the Cuentas App without having to go to a money transfer agency or bank. There is no fee for a Card to Card transfer done on the Cuentas App!!

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Withdraw cash at any ATM in the USA and Mexico

Get Cuentas Card Today

With the CUENTAS card, you and your family members can withdraw cash at any ATM in the USA and Mexico up to your current balance or immediately upon receiving confirmation of a new deposit or card to card transfer.

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