The Future of Housing With Access for All!

CUENTAS CASA: Cuentas' beyond-the-bank approach began with financial tools and management, expanded into telecommunications, and is now expanding into real estate. With the launch of CUENTAS CASA, we are realizing our dream of providing sustainable, alternative housing solutions for those who have not had access.

COMBINING SUSTAINABILITY WITH AFFORDABILITY: CUENTAS CASA’s unique approach to property development combines state-of-the-art sustainable building technology with intelligent property management systems with the goal of developing complete residential communities in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of traditional development. By selectively acquiring locations near metropolitan areas and immediately working with our partners to move into the construction phase, CUENTAS is able to pass on the savings in construction and maintenance directly to the resident. Management has seen rental prices reduced by as much as 30% over traditional residential communities.


Powerful Partnerships Create Hi Tech, Sustainable, Affordable Residential Solutions

A NETWORK OF COMMUNITIES: CUENTAS is partnering with leading edge construction and management technology companies to create entire communities based on the core principles of sustainability, quality lifestyle and affordability. Our recent announcements new developments across Florida a just one indication of our commitment to grow our CUENTAS Casa brand across North American and beyond.


Moving from the Aging Notion of Affordable Housing, to the Modern Concept of Affordable Living

Sustainable Tech: CUENTAS is using modern technology to change the face of affordability. With our new development, Arden, we are again partnering with RENCO to use their amazing construction technologies to build more sustainable housing in a more efficient manner. RENCO is a state-of-the-art structural building system comprised of interlocking composite structural building blocks and pultruded composite joists and decking that are all adhesively joined into a monolithic structure. Composite materials, which are distinguished by their features of being practical, low cost, and environmentally friendly; create living spaces that are durable and reliable.

Hand in hand with Arden’s location management technology, CUENTAS Casa projects are designed from day one to offer the highest quality living environments at the most economically sensible and affordable manner.